Questions continue to be raised by the family of 17-year old Lennon Lacy, who was found hanging from a swing set from a dog leash and a belt in Bladenboro, N.C. Now reportedly his 32-year old girlfriend, Michelle Brimhall, has gone into hiding.

Reports confirm that Brimhall’s parents have acknowledged that their daughter has a drug problem. They also indicated that they haven’t heard from her in weeks.

Lennon’s brother, Pierre Lacy, has told news outlets that Lennon had been called the n-word and threatened by people who knew he was dating Brimhall who is white.  Pierre Lacy went on to say, “she was seeing other people and prostituting herself to pay her bills and to afford her habit.

Many are now beginning to attribute Lacy’s death to the relationship he had with Ms. Brimhall. An independent pathologist hired by the Lacy family recently stated, “It is implausible for Lennon to have been able to act alone in hanging himself.”

Additionally, the FBI has launched an investigation into Lennon’s death at the urging of the Lacy family and the North Carolina NAACP. Local law enforcement officials are still investigating Lennon’s death even though the coroner has ruled it a suicide.

There is no evidence that law enforcement officials questioned Ms. Brimhall before she reportedly went into hiding.

Lennon’s mother said she confronted Brimhall at one point during her relationship with Lennon regarding the couple’s age difference, saying Brimhall should have taken into consideration he was a child.

So questions still linger in the Lennon Lacy case, as the family continues to push for answers.

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