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Uganda Silences Critics with Tough New Law

The law gives the police powers to control public meetings, including the use of force to break up gatherings held without prior authorization. Even meetings of a political nature held between three people must be authorized by the police, according to the law. ...

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President Mugabe, Savoring Victory, Plans Takeover of Foreign Mines

"The people of Zimbabwe have given President Robert Mugabe and (his party) ZANU-PF a clear mandate to transform the economy through indigenization and economic empowerment,” said Minister Saviour Kasukuwere in a BBC interview. ...

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Soldiers Blamed for Fatal Weapons Depot Blowup

More than 2,300 people were injured in the Mar. 4 tragedy at the Mpila munitions depot. Hundreds of homes, churches, businesses and government buildings were flattened. Some 17,000 were left homeless. ...

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South Africa Cozies up to Nuclear Power, Dismaying Critics

Russia is reportedly seeking to provide South Africa with uranium enrichment, supply, reactor technology and localization of nuclear skills. French and Chinese investors will have supporting roles. ...

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Report of billion-dollar loss to oil fraud dims oil wealth

A damning auditor’s report of fraud, mismanagement and corruption in Nigeria comes as neighbor countries Uganda and Ghana are becoming oil giants themselves. ...

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South African Farm Workers, Ending Strikes, to Get New Minimum Wage

The higher wage has already prompted loud outcries from business leaders who warn they will be forced to mechanize, lay off workers or close their farms. ...

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U. S. Admits Missteps as French Force in Mali Regroups

Gen. Carter Ham of the U.S. Africa Command (Africom), at a talk at Howard University, admitted his forces had failed to train Malian troops on "values, ethics and a military ethos". ...

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African Union Turns 50 – Calls on Nations to Celebrate!

The AU Commission said that the actual date should be celebrated with cultural activities, debates, school contests and public enquiries ...

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Kenyans Rejoice to See ‘Favorite Son’ Obama Sworn-in

Kenyans celebrate the second inauguration of President Barack Obama, whose father was a native of Kenya. ...

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