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Why the Wilmington Ten were called “political prisoners” and The Witness Who Never Testified

EXCLUSIVE WHY THE WILMINGTON TEN WERE CALLED ‘POLITICAL PRISONERS” By Cash Michaels   [caption id="attachment_1133" align="alignleft" width="617"] Rev. Eugene Templeton (center) seen here in February, 1971 with Rev. Ben Chavis (to his immediate left) and his wife, Donna, was the white pastor who allowed black students to use his church, Gregory Congregational in Wilmington, to plan nonviolent protests. ...

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UNC legal expert says pardons deserved in Wilmington 10 case

Saying that revelations about Assistant New Hanover County District Attorney James “Jay” Stroud Jr.’s racial jury gerrymandering, and his plot to cause a mistrial to impanel a “KKK” type jury in the Wilmington Ten case were “stunning and beyond outrage,” ...

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Hall’s letter confirms Wilmington Ten frame-up

His name was Allen Hall. In 1972, Hall was the chief witness for the prosecution in the conspiracy trials against the Wilmington Ten. ...

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Wilmington 10 prosecutor sought ‘KKK’ jury

In an extraordinary discovery, the 40-year-old case files of the prosecuting attorney in the two 1972 Wilmington Ten criminal trials not only document how he sought to impanel, according to his own written jury selection notes, mostly White “KKK” juries to guarantee convictions, but also to keep Black men from serving on both juries. ...

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Last May, just before papers were filed with the NC Governor’s Office petitioning for pardons of innocence, Connie Tindall was defiant. ...

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