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Greensboro four member hails Wilmington Ten

Upon reflection of what he considers to have been the “tragedy” that beset the Wilmington Ten over 40 years ago, Joseph McNeil says their false imprisonment and decades-long wait to be finally declared innocent of any crimes, is something that should never be forgotten, and could have easily happened to others standing up for racial equality during that time. ...

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EXCLUSIVE: Wilmington Ten prosecutor called “delusional” for defending “frameup”

Saying that former New Hanover County prosecutor James Jay Stroud is “delusional” for still defending his “frame-up” ” of the Wilmington Ten forty years ago, Dr. Benjamin Chavis, leader of the Ten, and others in the pardons effort, maintain that Stroud’s recent remarks in a StarNews interview this week are further evidence ...

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Deadline looms for Gov. Perdue’s Wilmington Ten pardon decision

Now that the 2012 presidential and gubernatorial elections are history, supporters for Gov. Beverly Perdue to grant individual pardons of innocence for the Wilmington Ten are focused to building more overwhelming public support for the cause before she leaves office on Dec. 31st. ...

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The Wilmington Ten: 40 years of loss and struggle

There is no question that the false prosecution forty years of the nine young black men and one white woman who would become widely known as the "Wilmington Ten," dramatically impacted their lives, as well as those of their families and loved ones. ...

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Seven survivors and the families of three deceased members of the Wilmington Ten - ten 1970's civil rights activists convicted forty years ago of conspiracy charges to commit violence ...

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