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You can now be a winner in what others see as a loser’s game, because, quite simply, you have the mental advantage. You’ll be questioning a lot more over the next few weeks, and your cool, detached logic can leave others feeling like they’ve just had a brush with an arctic blast.

You’re probably feeling much quieter than usual. Instead of opening up, you’re more likely to bottle up at the moment and, although this isn’t always the best thing to do, for now it suits you just fine. You’ll know when you’re ready to speak out.

Communicating in a more detached way comes much easier now. The communications planet allows you to work more efficiently with others, in group setting or organizations. Seeing the bigger picture helps you to understand others’ feelings and motivations better and to work out any disagreements with those closest to you

Chatty Mercury moves into sturdy Aquarius and so you’ll dig your heels in if you think that you’re in the right – and quite publicly if you think it’ll help your cause. But if you’re not quite so passionate in your demeanor then maybe you’re also today’s go-to person because of your cool attachment and powers of reasoning.

Your thought processes receive a blast of energy thanks to clever Mercury shifting into your sector of philosophy and travel. This is wonderful for manifesting broad visions, study and exploring diverse cultures. However, anything ordinary will seem like a complete drag. Lift your spirits with a daily dose of excitement!

Talk planet Mercury invites you to open up the lines of communication and explore new ways to make money. Use modern technology to find out more about earning through an online business or seek out a recommended investor or adviser who can help you on the road towards prosperity.

Mercury enters Aquarius today, which is your personal love sign. This is an excellent time to establish open lines of communication with your partner. If you are single, then you may find opportunities emerging for a friendship to become something more. Share knowledge with others, and be open to love!

The next two weeks can bring an interesting role at work. Mercury in Aquarius may make you chatty, making this an excellent time to make new friends. You might be asked to learn new technology at work or want the latest gadget to help with your studies.

Turn your attention away from your family and focus instead on what you want out of life. This is the perfect opportunity to initiate a conversation about love & romance or children & pregnancy with someone close. If you’re involved in a creative project, there’s plenty to get excited about.

Mercury–planet of communications–enters Aquarius today. You may find that home and security are on your mind. Reach out to family, because they may have good advice for you. This is also an excellent time for seeking out a roommate. Splitting rent is sure to help your bank account.

With all the pressure on you, no one could blame you if you’re harboring a secret desire to run away to a place where you could escape all your responsibilities and demands on your time. However, you need to remember that you’re in a hard-work cycle which will last all of 2017. So put your head down, do what you need to do, take care of your own backyard. Escape later. There will be another New Moon very soon.

Do you want some good news? This week’s eclipse straddles the two Money Zones of your horoscope. That means a change is due for you when it comes to your finances. Even better news, because of a harmonious Mercury/Venus connection chasing the eclipse, any changes which happen now should be very much in your favor. The trick is to expect the best and override your fears. This can be an expansive time for your career – opportunities should open up for you.

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