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61 Trampled to Death Following Ivory Coast Celebration, Mostly Kids and Teenagers

A crowd of 50,000 had gathered in Abidjan inside Felix Houphouet-Boigny Stadium to watch a firework display ...

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Africa, in Fast Growth Mode, Steams Toward 2013

African countries south of the Sahara present one of the greatest regional growth opportunities in the world. ...

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Right to reparations granted in UK Court

Three elderly Kenyans won a major victory in Britain’s High Court, giving them the green light to demand compensation for torture ...

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Upsurge in killings by police and vigilantes ‘sickens’ Nigerian citizens

In an unprecedented upsurge in deadly violence, some 30 civilians were shot dead by uniformed troops in northern Nigeria ...

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Landmark court settlement for reporter beaten by police

A Nigerian High Court has awarded a local journalist over half a million dollars for a brutal beating he received while covering a protest at a local bank. ...

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Anger flares over British cover story ‘Sad South Africa’

A sensational cover story in the prestigious UK-based Economist magazine, provided a disturbing picture of South Africa in “sad decline.” ...

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Peace Prize Winners Slam ‘Stars Earn Stripes’ for Glorifying War

Seven Nobel Peace Prize winners, including Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu of South Africa, are protesting the new NBC reality show “Stars Earn Stripes, ...

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Africa is known for its beauty, majesty and vast mineral and lucrative natural resources of gold, diamonds, oil, copper, cobalt, uranium, platinum, and titanium. ...

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