Enduring Myths: The Willie Lynch Letter

April 18, 2016 keesto 0

Given the sparse judicial resources (judges were forced to travel from town-to-town hearing cases, which is where we get the term “judicial circuit”) and the frequency of property crimes in the early republic, lynching was often seen as a form […]

Is D.C. Still The Chocolate City?

April 18, 2016 keesto 0

On Petrilli’s list of the top 25 fastest-gentrifying neighborhoods in America, the Shaw neighborhood (Zip code 20001) is ranked 10th. That area saw a 27.2 percent increase in non-Hispanic white residents from 5.6 percent in 2000 to 32.8 percent in 2010. […]

Black Actresses Ready For Love

April 18, 2016 keesto 0

A spotlight caresses her body; the rhinestones on her pearly white dress twinkle like stars. The soft lighting makes her glow. The rest of the audience sits in shadow; all eyes on Gilda. […]

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