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Stronger Violence Against Women Act signed into law

President Obama signed the reauthorized bill last week after Congress united and voted to expand the law to offer protection to women in lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, and Native American communities ...

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Black unemployment has not improved

The racial disparities in unemployment rates are not new, but it is hypocritical to celebrate a drop in White unemployment rages, without noticing or mentioning the stagnation in Black unemployment rates. ...

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Wilmington Ten Pardons Ceremony

2013 CashWorks HD Productions. All rights reserved. Exclusive video showing highlights of the Jan. 5, 2013 worship service/certificates of pardon ceremony at Gregory Congregational United Church of Christ ...

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Willistonians heading to Seabreeze

BY LINDA PEARCE CONTRIBUTING WRITER   On July 6th, Willistonians will travel down 421 to re-create one of the fondest memories of our lifetimes – a trip to Seabreeze to dine on seafood and dance to the oldie goldies we used to hear back in the day. The event is being brought back by popular demand as a result of the tremendous time had by those who attended last year when over 100 persons boarded chart ...

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Bowie State wins second straight CIAA crown

Bowie State break open a tight game for an 85-74 victory over Livingstone in the CIAA finals. ...

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Onion’s apology is not accepted

Somehow, sorry doesn't make it right. ...

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The Center for Church and Prison, Inc. responds to the Black Mental Health Alliance’s “Saggy Pants” Campaign

It should not be criminalized. Wearing Saggy pants reflects a grave social dilemma in the American sociopolitical and economic consciousness. ...

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