Willistonians heading to Seabreeze




On July 6th, Willistonians will travel down 421 to re-create one of the fondest memories of our lifetimes – a trip to Seabreeze to dine on seafood and dance to the oldie goldies we used to hear back in the day.

The event is being brought back by popular demand as a result of the tremendous time had by those who attended last year when over 100 persons boarded charter buses at Williston to go to Seabreeze.

Those attending will, again, board buses to travel to the event. Police officers will be hired to make sure the vehicles are secure as we leave them on 11thStreet. Upon arriving at Seabreeze, you will have the opportunity to dine on clam fritters, fish and shrimp or chicken with all the trimmings as well as enjoy beer, wine or sodas. After the meal, we will hit the dance floor and boogie to the old sounds we remember were a major part of our lives. Neil Josey, deejay, has a library of sounds that can’t be beat and there has never been a song anyone has requested that he could not produce.

The event will be held under a huge tent on property right on the water and efforts will be made to control the summer environment as much as possible.

The fee for this nostalgic event is only $60, a portion of which is applied to the association’s endowment fund at the Cape Fear Museum. The deadline for receipt of the fee is March 31st. Checks should be mailed to WAA, P.O. Box 2, Wilmington, NC, 28402 before that date. Letters have been sent to almost 2,000 alumni. After the deadline, we will provide names of hotels/motels which may be used that weekend. As you can imagine, reservations will need to be made soon. If there are questions, please call Barbara Shannon Lewis at (90)762-8285. The event is open to anyone who would like to attend, regardless of whether you attended Williston. The public is invited. We look forward to seeing all of you during the holiday this summer

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