FIRST AND EXCLUSIVE: “SLAVE LADY” CHRISTMAS CALENDAR  DISTRIBUTED AT BRADLEY CREEK Reviewed by Momizat on . BY CASH MICHAELS OF THE WILMINGTON JOURNAL [WILMINGTON] A December 2017 Christmas calendar of activities, displaying what one person described as a cartoonish i BY CASH MICHAELS OF THE WILMINGTON JOURNAL [WILMINGTON] A December 2017 Christmas calendar of activities, displaying what one person described as a cartoonish i Rating: 0



[WILMINGTON] A December 2017 Christmas calendar of activities, displaying what one person described as a cartoonish illustration of ”…a slave lady” – complete with black skin, big pink lips, bulging eyes, a handkerchief wrapped around her head and dressed like Butterfly McQueen’s character from the classic Southern antebellum  film, Gone With the Wind,  was reportedly distributed to residents of the predominately White Bradley Creek Assisted Living facility at Carolina Bay in the past several days.

Local and State NAACP officials are furious and want immediate action, even though the calendars reportedly have been removed from the facility already.

“This [calendar] is demeaning,” Deborah Dicks Maxwell, President of the New Hanover County NAACP, told The Journal Wednesday.  “It is appalling that in 2017 this is still occurring.”

The racially offensive calendar illustration is seen on the right side underneath the official logo of “Bradley Creek at Carolina Bay,” which also displays an illustration of a tropical pelican.

Under that is a green stripe with “1920’s” displayed, and under that, framed with a thick red border, is the racially sensitive illustration of the “mammy,” standing with her back to a window with a Christmas wreath hanging, holding what looks like a long spoon or ladle in her right hand, and a tray in the other. The “mammy” is also wearing a full apron and appears to be addressing whoever is viewing the illustration.

“MERRY CHRISTMAS,” the “mammy” is apparently saying, per the words printed on the calendar next to her image. “It takes dough for Christmas presents. And all I have is “Crust.” But wish you MERRY CHRISTMAS? Oh, Honey don’t I just!”

Then under the words appears to be a written signature spelling “Thelma.”

On the left side of the calendar, under “DECEMBER,” is a listing of December dates with activities next to them in a red box, preceded by a green rectangular box containing the words, “Special Events.” Then, under that, written in a black on white background, there are the words, “Remember to stay warm this winter!!!”

Following that, tips on protecting oneself against the cold weather are listed in a green box. Under that, a red rectangle with the words, “Facts about December,” followed by an empty green rectangular box.

            The total design of that page of the Bradley Creek at Carolina Bay December calendar are the colors, white, red, and green, traditionally considered a festive Christmas holiday color combination.

However, the calendar so offended at least two of the African-American staffers there that they complained to management, forcing the calendars to be reportedly collected back from the residents but not before one of the Black staffers took a picture of it and gave it to The Reverend Kojo Nantambu, of the NCNAACP, who, in turn, brought it to The Journal.

            Nantambu later secured one of the actual calendars and brought that to The Journal as well.

That staffer, a medical technician who identified herself in an interview with The Journal as Marvila Jackson, of Wilmington, told this paper the calendar was placed “…in all the residents’ rooms,” and when she first saw it Monday, said, “I was upset by it.”

When asked why she was upset, Ms Jackson replied, “It’s an all white place, so I wouldn’t expect them to put that out …I mean, if you’re going to put something out, and it’s not even a Santa Claus thing , it’s a…, you know, a slave lady…and that’s how I felt when I [saw] it.”

Jackson said that she was unaware if any of the residents complained about the calendar, but a “Black housekeeping guy” actually complained to management before she did.

When asked who would have allegedly been responsible for the calendars in the first place. Ms. Jackson replied, “ I want to say the Activity Director.”

Jackson said that the Activity Director, whom she called “Jenny,” said she thought the calendars were “nice.”

“I was like, ‘Why would somebody do this?,’ and she was like, ‘You know my heart,’ and she kept saying that she didn’t mean [any] harm by it.’ Well how did you think people were going to take it?” Jackson recalled asking rhetorically.

On Wednesday, when Ms. Jackson spoke with The Journal, she said that she “got a phone call at 5:00…”, that afternoon, presumably from Bradley Creek management, telling her that she was “suspended until further notice.” Ms Jackson, who has been working at Bradley Creek for about a year, went on to say she was told the reason for the suspension was a “resident complaint” that she says she knows nothing about.

When asked if she thought management was suspending her because they found out that she took the picture of the calendar, Ms. Jackson replied, “Uh-huh. They probably did.”

Officials with both the local and State NAACP were aghast when they saw the calendar picture and were apprised of the details.

“The New Hanover County NAACP wants an immediate recourse taken in regard to this incident,” said NHC NAACP president, Deborah Maxwell. “The facility was deliberate in their negative actions, and we want action with regards to this incident.”

“This [calendar] display is offensive to the highest degree and must be condemned,” demanded attorney and NCCU law professor, Irving Joyner, Chair of the NCNAACP Legal Redress Committee. “If this [calendar] represents the thinking or mindset of the assisted living facility, the State should close it down, and/or the employees who were responsible for this offensive display should be fired. In this instance, an empty apology is meaningless without some significant punishment being directed to the governing officials of this corporate entity.”

             The Wilmington Journal, after being alerted by The Reverend Nantambu about the calendar and speaking with Ms. Jackson, called Bradley Creek Thursday morning for comment and confirmed that the Activity Director working there was a Jennifer Dicicco Alaimo, whose name was ascertained through her Facebook page.

Then The Journal asked to speak with the head administrator, who was identified as Melissa Crouch.

After, at first telling the receptionist that she would speak to The Journal later that afternoon, which was not acceptable, a woman, identifying herself as Ms. Crouch, finally came to the phone.

When told of the calendar and given a description of the black “mammy” illustration on it and asked if she were familiar with it, Crouch replied, “I did see that.”

When told that Activity Director Jennifer Alaimo was alleged to be the one responsible for the calendars and asked how such an error in judgment could have taken place in the first place, Ms. Crouch stopped answering questions and suggested that a list of The Journal’s questions be sent to the corporate office for response.

Later Thursday, before The Journal could send its questions, Jeff Wilson, the COO of Liberty Health Care Management, part of the corporate ownership of Bradley Creek at Carolina Bay, issued the following statement to The Journal in response to this newspaper’s earlier call for comment:

The administration and management of the Bradley Creek Health Center became aware this past Monday of an offensive image that was unfortunately included in a monthly resident calendar that had been distributed to the residents last Friday, December 1. The calendars were immediately removed from the facility.

The owners, management, and administration of Bradley Creek are deeply embarrassed by, and sincerely apologize for, the use of this image and the pain it has caused. The thoughtless choice by one employee to use this image is not in any way a reflection of this organization’s values or culture.

The Wilmington Journal is following up with written questions to COO Wilson for a subsequent story.


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  • Mel

    I can see where people would be taken back by this but to say someone should be fired? A misjudgment may have been made but I see no where in this article that states anyone from the NCNAACP has spoken with the employee about the intent. They are assuming that person was being negative about African Americans. And there lies the problem…not every person that makes a misjudgment should be burned at the stake. The dramatics is part of what keeps race issues going. And how dare the NCNAACP claim that an apology is “empty”…are they God now? So blood is now needed for a misjudgment of a calendar picture? No one died, someone was offended. I thought there were rules for firing someone and this just is not severe enough for someone to be fired…some sensitivity classes maybe but fired? Has the employee had a history of issues? A lot of things need to be looked at before firing someone. Shame on Bradley Creek if they fired Ms Jackson for taking the picture, but shame on Ms Jackson if they fired her for other reasons and she has stirred the hornets nest and possibly has caused someone else to loose their job. Ms Jackson, do you truly believe the Activity Director meant this to be racial, you stated the Director said “you know my heart”…so do you believe her heart was being racist or she just made a bad call? Shame on the author of this article for not asking that question of Ms Jackson, way to do one sided reporting. And a big Shame on Bradley Creek if they fired Ms Jackson for good reason and they truly believe this was a misjudgment on the Activity Directors part and they do not stand behind her…shame, shame, shame. People make mistakes…from my experience, those that scream racism are usually the racist ones. AND THE BIGGEST QUESTION IS HAS THE EMPLOYEE SHOWN REMORSE FOR THEIR ACTIONS? Has there been an apology? Because this misjudgment does not call for more than an apology. Stop the dramatics and let people be human. People being offended by something is very easily corrected, stop acting as though offense is equal to murder and making things a bigger issue than they need to be. Why doesn’t the NCNAACP work with Bradley Creek on establishing a program to educate their employees instead of just screaming about how horrible something is…#BETHESOLUTION

  • Francine

    I dont know “Jenny” but in 2017 this appears to be more than an error in judgment! I like the swift action to remove all of the calendars BUT who else KNEW & approved them?! Their recourse to suspend the employee was a grave LEGAL mistake! Start her go fund me now for legal action UNLESS HQ QUICKLY rectify that as well! This facility needs an urgent refresher from HR. If they don’t rectify quickly MAKE THIS GO NATIONAL. I’m ready to assist for national attention

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