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Leaders Come Under Fire As Death Toll From Mudslide Tops 600

Sierra Leone’s catastrophic mudslide that buried over 600 mostly poor people was not just an act of God. Local reporters on the ground have begun to ask why there was no safe housing for thousands of low-income Freetown residents, many of whom cobbled together their own homes with little oversight, few permits, no central planning and in a zone foreseen to flood. “Why after ten years in power and several pr ...

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Where wasn’t it raining cats and dogs around Africa this summer?

In eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, dozens of villagers’ homes in Ituri province were submerged last week in a landslide which struck the village of Toro, causing the deaths of more than 40 people. It followed heavy rains in the fishing community located along Lake Albert. "There are many people submerged whom we were unable to save," Pacifique Keta, the vice governor of Ituri province, where Tora lies ...

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After Disqualifying Opposition, Rwandan President Sees Victory In August Polls

Rwandan President Paul Kagame may think he has a clear shot at winning the upcoming poll on August 4. But he wasn’t counting on a resilient 35 year old who also had her eyes on the presidency and is bruising for a fight. Diane Shima Rwagara could have given Pres. Kagame some real competition but the country’s election committee disqualified her for not having enough verifiable signatures for her candidacy. ...

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