Black Actresses Ready For Love

April 18, 2016 keesto 0

A spotlight caresses her body; the rhinestones on her pearly white dress twinkle like stars. The soft lighting makes her glow. The rest of the audience sits in shadow; all eyes on Gilda. […]

Somali Arts Blossom In Minneapolis

April 12, 2016 keesto 0

Scattered to the four winds during years of war and unrest, traditional handmade items have found their way to a safe place in the Somali Museum of Minnesota, amidst one of the world’s largest Somali diaspora population. […]

Halle Berry Joins Social Media

March 30, 2016 keesto 0

The actress debuted on Twitter and Instagram on Tuesday with photo of herself topless in a thicket of bamboo, shot from the back. She opened with “Hi everyone.” […]

Grammy Winning Singer Natalie Cole Passes Away

January 7, 2016 keesto 0

Natalie Cole, the daughter of jazz legend Nat King Cole, who carved out her own success with R&B hits like “Our Love” and “This Will Be” before triumphantly intertwining their legacies to make his “Unforgettable” their signature hit through technological wizardry, has died. She was 65. […]

Bill Cosby Charged With Sexual Assault

January 7, 2016 keesto 0

“There’s inconsistencies on [what pills they were]. There was also wine provided,” the prosecutor said. He said the woman has said she was “frozen, paralyzed, unable to move,” so she was therefore unable to consent to sexual activity. […]

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