Can Ben Carson Help GOP Attract Black Voters?

Ben-Carson-at-Iowa-State-URepublican presidential candidate Ben Carson launched a new radio campaign last week — featuring a Carson-inspired rap, meant to grow his appeal among African-American voters, according to his campaign.

The $150,000 advertisement, interspersed with rhymes from rapper Aspiring Mogul and bits from Carson’s stump speech, will air for two weeks in eight urban markets.

The ads are an attempt to connect with black voters “on a level they appreciate and follow and see if we can attract their consciousness about the election,” Carson campaign spokesman Doug Watts told ABC News. “They need to get involved and express their voice through their vote.”

Carson has a firm hold on second place in the race for the GOP presidential nomination, without much sign of slowing down. This is an odd territory for Carson — being that he is, among other things, a black man.

Other than the rap ad, Carson hasn’t done much to address the black vote head on nor does he have dedicated campaign staffers who focus specifically on outreach to African Americans, unlike some of his opponents. All of this — combined with controversies over his comments and questions about his past — contributes to statements that the former neurosurgeon and Democrat will have a hard time helping the Republican Party attract enough black voters to win the Oval Office. decided to take a closer look at Carson’s prospects with African Americans as he prepares for another opportunity to woo voters on the main stage of the Fox Business Network debate at 9 p.m. today in Milwaukee.


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