The Wilmington Journal has served the African American community of Wilmington and surrounding area for 91 years. The Wilmington Journal is an outgrowth of a printing company that was founded in 1901 or 117 years ago.

Each week The Journal is read by thousands of residents interested in the most in-depth coverage of African American news and issues.

The Wilmington Journal’s main focus is local coverage. The Journal has served as a strong voice for the local African American community and throughout the years has received many awards and recognition for its reporting and service to the greater Wilmington area.

The Wilmington Journal is published every Thursday and can be purchased at racks, vending machines, and retail, grocery and convenience stores. Subscriptions are available and delivered by news carriers and United States Post Office. The paper can also be found in area churches.

The Wilmington Journal features local stories that particularly affect the African American community. Other editorial content include religious news and calendar, community news and calendar, local and national editorials and opinions, business and government news, entertainment news, education news, social news, and health and sports news.

Our Staff
Shawn Jervay Thatch: Chief Operating Executive
Mary Alice Jervay Thatch: Publisher/Editor
Johanna Thatch-Briggs: Assistant Editor
Cash Michaels: Journalist and Member of Editorial Board
John Davis: Photographer
Bernice S. Johnson, Events Coordinator and Advertising Executive
John L. Thatch, Advertising Executive and Copy Editor
Edward Crumdy: Accounts Executive
DeShon Briggs, Bernest Hewett and Joshua Allen: Circulation Representatives

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