What’s the Russ? Kremlin Shows of its Supersonic Fighter 

PERM, Russia — Russia’s Air Force were seen flexing their muscles when they flaunted the MiG-31BM during a recent military exercise on Feb 5.

The entire crew of MiG-31BM supersonic fighter-interceptor aircraft took part in exercise detecting aerial targets.

Vladimir Putin’s Air Force conducted the exercise which included coordinating with the land forces while they carried out exercises in the skies above the Perm region.

“Flight footage of the MiG-31 fighters” tweeted the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation. The training mission involved the testing of the ability to work out maneuvering elements. The training also involved coordination with each other.

Five tactical scenarios were exercised by the crew members of MiG- 31BM. The pilots performed solo along with the group patrols of the airspace as they were given targets for themselves. The pilots also coordinated with the ground-based air defence systems.

Equipment was used which allowed them to monitor the 800 kilometers area using an onboard radar station named “Zaslon-M” for detecting simulated enemy.

The training missions were carried out at altitudes ranging from 400 to 17,000 meters.

The fighter aviation regiment of the Central Military District involved 10 MiG-31BM fighter-interceptions for the tactical flight exercises. Engineers, technical personnel, flight support groups along with 200 military personnel were involved in this exercise.

The three modernized high-altitude MiG-31BM have been received in accordance with State Defence Order to operate in Central Military District, Perm region. New-generation weapons and modernization of avionics, the efficiency of the MiG-31BM has increased thrice as compared to the MiG-31 fighter-interceptor. MiG-31BM aircraft is designed for long-term patrolling and fighting in high altitudes. The aircraft can hit 6-10 air targets simultaneously.

The MiG-31BM is a supersonic long-distance interceptor aircraft, developed by the Russian corporation. 320 km detection range with a strike radius of 280 km (173 miles), the aircraft’s multimode radar can detect 24 targets at one time. It features a modernized cockpit, with new screens, a head-up display and a canopy that can sustain higher speed.

It will be capable of intercepting fighter jets, cruise and hypersonic missiles. Alert duty will significantly expand the scope of fighter aircraft in the Arctic and will eventually increase the controlled airspace over Northern Sea Route.

That data shows Russia is one of the top five countries with the highest military expenditure.

“Flight footage of MiG-31BM fighter-interceptors from the Central Military District during a tactical flight exercise in the Perm Territory” read the tweet of Ministry of Defence, Russia on 5th Feb. The information bulletin of Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation also tweeted about the progress of the implementation of the memorandum on the creation of de-escalation zones.

(Edited by Pallavi Mehra and Vaibhav Vishwanath Pawar.)

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