VIDEO: Police Drone Catches Criminal Red-Handed Trying To Hide On Top Of House Roof

OREGON, USA — The United States police department drone caught a wanted criminal red-handed trying to hide on top of a house in Hillsboro, Oregon on Feb. 3.

The suspect identified as Alejandro Jaimes-Radilla was eventually arrested by the officers, who were guided by the sniffer dog ‘Blazer’.

Alejandro, 33, was had a felony warrant on his name and was also wanted in other unspecified charges. However, with the assistance of Hillsboro Police Department’s K9 ‘Blazer’ along with a drone from the Washington County Sheriff’s office, the officer’s team was able to trace the suspect on the roof.

The felony warrants are regarded as more serious than a misdeed. In felonies, the suspect can be charged for more than a year in prison.

The Police department gave a detailed description of the incident and posted it on their social media handles, which went viral.

“With the assistance of a drone from the Washington Country Sheriff’s Office, we were able to locate Alejandro hiding in a section of the roof,” said Hillsboro Police Department on their Facebook page.

The department received more than 11K views along with comments sections, that were flooded with positive gestures and appreciations for the team.

“Here is the booking photo of Alejandro Jaimes-Radilla. On 2-3-21 at about 2:50 pm HPD officers arrested Alejandro Jaimes-Radilla/ 33 years old, who was wanted on felony charges.” read Hillsboro Police Department’s official Twitter handle.

The clothes of the suspect helped him hide there, as they mixed with the rooftop’s color. However, he couldn’t hide any longer as he noticed the drone.

In the drone footage by the police department, we can see how the suspect Alejandro Jaimes-Radilla gave up once he realized he was spotted by the drone. “This capture was the result of a partnership with the Washington Country Sheriff’s Office and bringing various resources together to keep the community safe,” said a local police officer.

The suspect is currently under police custody and the investigations are going on.

This is the second case solved within a week with the help of the K9 unit. Last week, another case was resolved with the help of K9 unit at Arkansas. The sniffer dog K9 unit of the Little Rock Police helped detained the suspect while he allegedly tried to steal from the residence.

The K9 unit was formed to help police track suspects and look for evidence. Each team consists of an officer with his K9 partner. The unit specializes in human tracking, searches and handler protection.

Their Hillsboro Police Department’s social media page also displays emergency number 9-1-1 and 503-629-0111 for any urgent situation. The officers have been successful in solving cases effectively with the help of their K9 partners.

(Edited by Pallavi Mehra and Vaibhav Vishwanath Pawar.)

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