Politicians Tweet #JonVoyage to Jon Stewart

Jon_Stewart_t580(CNN) — Tonight was Jon Stewart’s last show on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” but he didn’t go out without a goodbye from some politicians.

Stewart, who has been on the show for more than 16 years, is well known among the political community for his insightful, comedic commentary on current events and politics. He is known for calling out politicians and other personalities when he feels they aren’t being genuine.

Politicians took to Twitter to congratulate Stewart for his great run.

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton tweeted, “Missing Jon Stewart already.”

Sen. John McCain tweeted a photo of himself posing with a puppet that looks like Stewart saying, “So long, jackass,” referencing a past moment on the show when Stewart interviewed “puppet Sen. John McCain.”

President Barack Obama’s Organizing For Action Twitter account wrote, “‘You’ve been a great gift to the country.; —President Obama to Jon Stewart”

Vice President Joe Biden tweeted a photo of himself laughing with Stewart and wrote, “The end of an era. Congratulations, @TheDailyShow.”

Lawmakers tweeted Stewart as well, including Rep. Patrick Murphy who wrote, “Going to miss this hilarious and patriotic guy. But this isn’t goodbye – this guy will stay brilliant.”

Rep. Charles Rangel was on the show, tweeting, “Glad to be on @TheDailyShow to bid #JonVoyage. I had fun writing my own lines”

The finale aired at 11 p.m. on Comedy Central.

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