Is Time Travel Possible? The (Scientific) Jury is Still Out

As Albert Einstein once said: Time is relative. Does that mean time travel is possible?

While science is still working to come up with a definitive answer to that question, some of the most widespread urban myths are those which refer to claims of people traveling either forward or backward in time. Some people claim to be fulfilling a mission of sharing messages or clues about what could happen to prevent triggering global issues.

The central concept behind time travel postulates that a person can, be it willingly or unwillingly, move through several points in time as if moving through a physical and tangible environment. Many believe that those who have lived through such events traveled between parallel universes or alternate realities.

Is such a thing possible?

Many scientists have studied the phenomena intending to unravel the theory behind Einstein’s theory of relativity, formulated in the early 20th century. So far, despite the many scientists working to prove it, traveling through time or different dimensions continues to elude humanity. However, there exist people who claim that they’ve done what science could not.

For example, there is a YouTube video of a man who claims to have traveled to the year 6000. During his video, he shows a photograph that supposedly proves his story. However, the picture is exceptionally blurry, which he claims was caused by time travel — something that’s suspiciously commonplace among those who make such claims.

The man said that by the 60th millennium, humanity will have found solutions and cures for various issues and diseases such as cancer.

There are some who say they have traveled to other centuries*** Hay quienes aseguran realmente haber viajado a cierta época. (Daniil Kuželev/Unsplash)

He shared his testimony with Internet users without revealing his identity — to keep his anonymity, he distorted his face and voice. According to his statements, he had managed to return to the present to let people know that, over the years, artificial intelligence would end up ruling everyone.

He also contends that time travel would no longer be difficult, and everyone would have access to it. His video went viral, amassing over 3 million views in less than a week, despite being far-fetched.

In a similar fashion, a woman took to YouTube to tell about her alleged travel to the year 3780. She had returned to the present to let people know that, in the future, robotic authorities would control the world, which would have annihilated the human race.

The woman, who goes by the name of Clara, related that she had traveled there on a secret mission, but when she found herself cornered by the machines, she hid until she found a way to escape from that apocalyptic future. She and her team searched for what had happened in the future. However, due to the danger, they had to flee from the devastation that befell the rest of humanity.

Until proven otherwise, time travel resides in the realm of science fiction, with numerous TV series, books, and movies on the subject. Some famous examples: the “Dr. Who” TV series; such movies as “Back to the Future,” and “The Time Machine,” which began as a book and was later made into two movies (released in 1960 and 2002, respectively).

“While for many, time travel is a ‘classic among classics,’ for others, it’s just another urban myth,” said Felipe Estrella, organizational secretary of the Community of Hermetic Arts and Studies of Veracruz, Mexico.

The universe is full of processes we can’t decipher. Could it be possible to manipulate time? *** El universo está lleno de procesos que no comprendemos. ¿El tiempo podrá manipularse? (Jeremy Thomas/Unsplash)

Many people who want to believe in time travel would like to see science prove its existence.

“Time travelers always seem to come from places similar to ours but with some differences. This means that they do not have a full grasp of reality as we do,” said Estrella. “I mean, even though it may seem straight out science fiction, there are scientists that are trying to create a time machine since they are seeking ways to prove their theories.”

Certain current events can also spark people’s imagination, which in turn, the Internet helps to spread.

“It has an impact in social media, not only in the modern era, where we have experienced atypical situations during the pandemic,” said Estrella. “In past years, there have been events where some people have claimed that they have proof about their near future.”

Time travelers have found an audience to talk about their experiences and give details of their travels to those who wish to hear them. Is anything they say true? Only time will tell.

(Translated and edited by Mario Vázquez. Edited by Matthew Hall)

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