Am I my sister’s keeper? Yes I am!




Jasmin Virginia Grady, 20, a student at North Carolina A&T University died in a single car accident on Highway 17 in Pender County Sunday morning, but her wish to have rapper, Drake, sing to her is still alive. #DrakeSingForJasmin has been trending on Twitter and other social media sites ever since the news broke about the young woman’s untimely death. Friends and family from all over have posted thousands of posts, supporting Jasmin’s wishes. The support has grown so big celebrities, such as Montell Williams; rapper, Rosco Dash; rapper, Waka Flocka; actor, Keke Palmer; actor, Kevin Hart; and basketball star, John Wall, also showed support via Twitter.

It all began when her twin brother sent an emotional tweet after hearing of the death of his sister. The tweet read: “I wanna make Jasmin’s wish come true, have Drake sing at her funeral.” Shortly after friends and family began to tweet #DrakeSingForJasmin.

At this time, Drake hasn’t announced whether he will attend Jasmin’s funeral. On Wednesday, July 15th the owners of Her Imports, Malaika and Jerome Terry uploaded a video on Youtube stating they are offering Drake $100,000 to come and sing for Jasmin. When I spoke with owner Jerome Terry about his wonderful donation he stated “she was a loyal customer of Her Imports and we were very sad to hear the news. We just want to help anyway possible.”

Drake does have a reputation for reaching out to his fans in times of need. Last year Drake surprised a young woman named Kennedy Brown, 15, after her friends began tweeting #DrakeForKen. Kennedy has been fighting a serious battle with stage four brain cancer, and the rapper paid her a visit.

The beautiful thing that came from this, even if Drake doesn’t show up, is that friends and family in Wilmington, N. C. came together for such a positive movement, ultimately showing, not just Drake but the entire world how special Jasmin Grady is to everyone. Jasmin’s memorial will be held at Northside Baptist Church, 2501 N. College Road, Monday, July 21, at 1:00 p.m. The family is asking for anyone attending to wear all white and please bring a balloon to release with a message for her. #DrakeSingForJasmin



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