2012 Elections: Our endorsements continue


 One Stop Early Voting/Same Day Registration is underway in North Carolina now until Nov. 3rd. That means unless you plan to cast your ballots on Election Day, Nov. 6th, you’ll have just over a week to cast your ballot.

Contact your county Board of Elections to determine the days and times of operation.

As always, this newspaper will make recommendations about the candidates we endorse for public office. Of course, we hope that our readers and community are closely following all of the candidates on the ballot, and make their ultimate choices based on competence and record, not party.

This is a pivotal election in so many ways, not just for the state, but also for our nation, and ultimately our children. Our community made history in 2008 with the election of the first African-American president.

Now, in 2012, we must secure our future. Make sure that you, your friends and family vote. It means that much.


Let’s be blunt – the only real hope that Lt. Gov. Walton Dalton has in his race for governor against Republican Pat McCrory is an overwhelming Democratic turnout for him at the polls that pollsters just haven’t picked up on yet.

Dalton is not the most exciting candidate ever to run for governor. Neither is McCrory, the former mayor of Charlotte. But at least with Dalton is closer to our community’s issues and way of thinking than is McCrory.

Republican McCrory has made it no secret that he can’t wait to get in bed with the GOP leaders of the NC General Assembly to make voter ID law, make fracking legal, and cut education even further than Republicans have already.

We’ve seen what hell can be produced by a Republican-led General Assembly. If it wasn’t for the courageous actions of Gov. Beverly Perdue in using her veto pen, we’d all be lining up with our driver’s licenses just to prove our citizenship now.

McCrory’s advantage in this race is that he started early in building a campaign war chest way back in 2008 when he lost his first attempt at the governor’s office, so there was no way Dalton, or any other Democrat for that matter, could have met the challenge dollar for dollar.

But make no mistake; North Carolina will sink to the level of Mississippi with a Gov. McCrory and Republican Legislature at the helm.

A Gov. Dalton wouldn’t be perfect – he’s a little to moderate for us, and is too willing to make deals where his veto pen should suffice. But he is a good man, an experienced legislator, and we believe that if GOP leaders try to run all over him like they tried to do with Gov. Perdue, Dalton, like Perdue, will give them a taste of his veto pen.

Let’s shock the experts. Tell your friends to join you at the polls to vote Walton Dalton, Democrat for governor.




Many people are unaware of exactly who the NC Council of State are, and what is it that they do.

Simply put, the Council of State is made up of the Lt. Gov. and the eight elected heads of the major North Carolina state agencies – Dept. of Public Instruction; state Treasurer’s Office; Attorney General’s Office; Secretary of State’s Office; Commissioner of Labor; Commissioner of Agriculture; Commissioner of Insurance; and state Auditor’s Office.

Beyond running their own state agencies, the council members collectively decide issues dealing with the sale of public properties and capital punishment.

It is our considered opinion that all of the incumbent members of the NC Council of State have served the citizens on North Carolina well, and deserve re-election.

The only member of the council who is a current exception is Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton, who is running to become the state’s next governor.

Given that, this paper wholeheartedly endorses Linda Coleman, who has served as a state representative; director of the State Office of Personnel; Wake County commissioner, and even a teacher, among other roles. There is no question about her dedication to the people of North Carolina, or ability to navigate state government.

Coleman would make an excellent lieutenant governor.

What we like about the list of other NC Council of State incumbents is that it is a mix of Democrats and Republicans.

We see no reason why Labor Commissioner Cherie Berry, a Republican, couldn’t be returned to office. We see her smiling face on every elevator in the state, and thus far she’s done a good job.

Steve Troxler, another Republican, can be credited for a smoothly run Agriculture Dept. and 2012 NC State Fair. As long as he continues to do a good job for the people of NC, and particularly our farmers, we’re OK with him serving another four years.

The rest of the Council of State members are Democrats, and to various degrees, they’ve all served well.

State Attorney General Roy Cooper must be doing a good job because he’s running unopposed.

State Auditor Beth Wood is responsible for exposing waste and inefficiencies in state government, and she’s done that. Her Republican challenger, Debra Goldman, is a Wake County Board member who is currently involved in an embarrassing sex scandal with another Wake School Board member. Ms. Goldman has no experience as a certified public accountant, and admittedly keeps $130,000 in cash in jewelry in her home because found it difficult to get money from banks after 9/11 to pay her bills.

Ms. Goldman has problems, suffice it to say. State Auditor Beth Wood deserves re-election.

Another Republican Wake School Board member who also has considerable problems is John Tedesco. The Tea Party-backed candidate for superintendent of NC Public Instruction believes in racially-identifiable neighborhood schools, which means if Tedesco has his way, high poverty schools in communities of color would be the law of the land here in NC.

Also, it doesn’t help Tedesco that he once wrote that he knows how to educate black children because he’s had a few African-American “ex-girlfriends.”

Tedesco has so much baggage, there can be no doubt that incumbent state Supt. June Atkinson, who is touting dramatic improvements in North Carolina’s graduation rate at over 80 percent under her leadership, deserves to continue her work for the people of North Carolina.
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Add to that re-election list Treasurer Janet Cowell; Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin; and Sec. of State Elaine Marshall, and we believe that North Carolina will remain in good hands for the next four years.

In all, make sure you vote by Nov. 6th.

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