Was it police brutality?


Malissa Talbert, Communications Manager for the City of Wilmington, Communications Office released the following statement Wednesday, April 3,  regarding the incident that occurred on Tuesday at the State Employees Credit Union.

“The Wilmington Police Department has released video taken on Tuesday that was recorded from a WPD in-car camera while responding to a call at 3500 Converse Drive (State Employees Credit Union). The video was taken from the dash-board camera of a K-9 Unit that was responding to an alarm from the bank.

Go to  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PcyP9U5NMHA&feature=youtu.be to see a 4-minute video of the incident taken from the dash-board camera of a WPD K-9 Unit with narration from Cpl. Kevin Smith.

Summary of incident

Credit union employees reported that a man entered the building and approached a teller. He extended his hand as if to indicate he wanted something, but he did not present a weapon. When the teller did not respond, the man walked over to a woman and her child at the change machine. He grabbed a dollar and some change the woman had on the counter. Then he walked out of the bank and got into the passenger side of a tan colored vehicle.

Credit Union employees activated a panic alarm and the bank went on lockdown. A WPD K-9 officer and WPD investigators were able to stop the vehicle on Independence Boulevard and remove the passenger, Roy Augusta Smith II, and the female driver, Shanita Wynette Reid. Both were arrested.

Before being transported to the New Hanover County detention facility, Smith was taken to New Hanover Regional Medical Center for suspected drug use. He was booked at the New Hanover County Detention facility and is in custody under $10,000 bond.

The driver, Reid, was charged with resist/obstruct and delay. She posted bond and was released.

The video was released today (Wednesday)  following a review by WPD’s Internal Affairs. Any time officers use force during an arrest, they are required to provide additional documentation, which is then reviewed by Internal Affairs to make sure procedures were appropriately followed.

Note: The full, unedited 43-minute video taken from the K-9 unit dash-board camera will be posted on the city’s YouTube site on April 4. A link to the full video will also be posted on the city’s website page when the video is available.”

Comments from some of those who have viewed the video may be read on youtube following the video. 

The full, unedited 43-minute video   may viewed on this page.

A letter to the editor regarding the incident appears on page 4 of this issue and may be seen on this site uder E-Edition.



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