In the aftermath of the horrific alleged sexual harassment/abuse stories about Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, it has been simply amazing how many women on social media – both on Facebook and Twitter – have adopted the hashtag moniker “#me too.”

Suddenly, women from all over, young and old, black, white and others, are coming forward in their own way, admitting that at least once in their lives, they too were the victims of some man’s craven sexual abuse.

On Monday on my Facebook page, I felt compelled to write the following to these women, whoever they were, wherever they were:

 I am simply overwhelmed by the sheer number of women here on FB who have adopted the “me too” moniker when it comes to being a victim of sexual harassment of ANY sort.

Yes, it was, and IS wrong, and should not have happened. As the father of two talented and gifted young ladies, I certainly don’t want to see ANY female demeaned in ANY way, for ANY reason. As a father I don’t tolerate it, as a Christian I won’t tolerate it, and as a man, I CAN’T tolerate it. The most important human beings in my life in formulating who I am and have come to be, have been women, starting with my late mother, some of the best teachers I’ve ever had, close friends, and finally the two outstanding young women who proudly know me as “Dad.”

So I proudly stand with you, Sistahs of every color and creed, on this. You’ll recall when the Bill Cosby controversy was raging, I didn’t hesitate to hold him accountable, because as much as I loved the man, I knew, deep down, that the allegations against him were true.

The Weinstein controversy is shameful, but I believe it is just the tip of the iceberg. We have the same kind of degenerates in every facet of life, including, unfortunately, the church.

As men, we need to stand with our women in demanding a change in our culture. You see who is president….and we know his history. 

That tells ALL of us that we have a lot of work to do to make this nation a place that our children – female and male – can proudly and safely grow up in.

The chickens ALWAYS come home to roost, brothers and sisters.


I mean, just think about it…to treat ANY human being, let alone a female, as if she were just a possession ripe for the picking, regardless of her basic human rights, is sick, AND sickening. That kind of depraved behavior is certainly the product of a rotting culture. No man would approve of their mother being treated like a piece of meat by anybody. No man would tolerate their female child to be violated or used solely for the pleasure or exploitation of others.

So why do so many men…so many powerful men in particular, engage in this type of crass behavior? Because our culture, by and large, has allowed men to get away with it. Indeed, our American culture has openly promoted this gutter behavior.

To expect a woman, ANY woman, to sell herself to you for any reason, is wrong and ungodly. If a woman willingly gives herself to a man, that is her right. She should never be forced, pressured or blackmailed to do it.

American men, we’ve got to get ourselves together on this, and promote the dignity of our women.

Our children…ALL OF OUR CHILDREN….are watching!

Especially the females!


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