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An open letter to the United States Senate from Marian Wright Edelman

July 18, 2017 Mary Thatch 0

The sorrow and outrage and sense of injustice I felt as a child at senseless deaths and injuries shaped my life’s work. I cannot stand seeing any child mistreated, placed at risk or excluded from essential services because of the color of their skin or the poverty of their parents or grandparents they did not choose. God did not make two classes of children … […]

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“Thank God for peanut butter and jelly” by Marian Wright Edelman

April 22, 2015 Mary Thatch 0

In a nation where millions of working families still can’t earn enough to pay rent, pay the bills, and put food on the table at the same time—and where in fiscal year 2013 there were 4.9 million households with no income but SNAP including 1.3 million households with children—relying on the charity of PB and J Day is not a substitute for justice. […]