OUR ENDORSEMENTS: ELECTION DAY IS HERE Reviewed by Momizat on . One Stop Early Voting/Same Day Registration ends in North Carolina this Saturday, Nov. 3rd. That means unless you plan to cast your ballots on Election Day, Tue One Stop Early Voting/Same Day Registration ends in North Carolina this Saturday, Nov. 3rd. That means unless you plan to cast your ballots on Election Day, Tue Rating:
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One Stop Early Voting/Same Day Registration ends in North Carolina this Saturday, Nov. 3rd. That means unless you plan to cast your ballots on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 6th, you’ll have only today, Friday and Saturday to cast your early vote ballot.

Contact your county Board of Elections to determine times of early voting operation. On Election Day, polls open at 6:30 a.m., and close at 7:30 p.m.

If someone tries to challenge or intimidate you while you peacefully attempt to carry out our Constitutional privilege, just quietly, without anger, go inside the polling place with the person, ask for the chief polling judge, and a hearing will be held immediately to determine your voting status.

DO NOT allow anyone to get you upset at the polls.

As always, this newspaper is making our considered recommendations about the candidates we endorse for public office. Of course, we hope that our readers and community are closely following all of the candidates on the ballot, and make their ultimate choices based on competence and record, not party.

Our entire list of candidates follows this week’s final roster of hopefuls.

This is a pivotal election in so many ways, not just for the state, but also for our nation, and ultimately our children. Our community made history in 2008 with the election of the first African-American president.

Now, in 2012, we must secure our future.

Thus far our community is doing well at the polls in early voter, but that’s no reason to let up. There’s no such thing as having “enough” votes or having too many.

Make sure that you, your friends and family vote. It means that much.



As vice chair of the New Hanover County Board of Commissioners, Jonathan Barfield has displayed an impressive commitment to improving the quality of life for all residents. During his first term, the young Democrat has worked hard on the issues of economic development; waste disposal; and of course, finding ways to attract more businesses and industry to the county that would employ more citizens.

Rob Zapple, a Democrat, is a local developer who believes if the puzzle of economic growth can be solved for New Hanover County, then the other problems will be well on their way to being more easily solved. Zapple wants to bring his experience and perspective to the Commission Board to help make that happen. He believes that engaging large NHC corporations more about expanding their operations in the county would go a long way towards creating jobs immediately.

Jonathan Barfield has brought energy, clarity and commitment to the Commission Board, and Rob Zapple will bring new ideas and a business perspective that could benefit all of us.

We endorse Barfield for a second term, and Zapple for his first. They’re right for New Hanover County.



As we said last May during the primaries, Karen Clay Beatty has stepped up to the plate, and offered the community her experience, service, and deep commitment to improving education for all of our county’s children, and we’re glad she has.

A product of the school system that she wants to serve, Beatty retired from NHC Public Schools earlier this year after 30 years. Twenty-one of those years have been as a Licensed School Social Worker, where she served a couple of years as a lead social worker for secondary schools. Prior to that, she was an Educational Diagnostician for the system. She holds a B.A. degree from Shaw University, a BSW from Pembroke State University, and a MSW from East Carolina University.

If elected, Beatty vows to work to increase the graduation rate, develop more mentoring programs, and create a stronger bond between the schools and the community.

We need her experience, her vision and her leadership. Vote for Karen Clay Beatty for the NHC Board of Education.


When she was a Republican, NHC School Board member Elizabeth Redenbaugh, while accepting the national JFK Courage Award, called her Board of Education, “…the bottom of the political food chain.” Given the courage she displayed fighting the racial bias of her GOP colleagues on the board, we knew there would always be a place in our hearts for this principled leader. It wasn’t long before Redenbaugh kissed the GOP goodbye, and joined the Democrats, hoping to continue to shape policy that honestly spoke to the needs of all children, instead of the racially resegregating redistricting parlor tricks her Republican board colleagues felt perfectly justified in engaging in. She fought to stop the closing of D.C. Virgo. She’s determined to close the racial achievement gap. This is one courageous leader who we must re-elect to the NHC Board of Education. Elizabeth Redenbaugh is a fighter for all children. Let’s keep strong leadership on the job.



Here’s another retired NHC educator with over 30 years elementary school experience, in addition to being an administrator. Emma Saunders brings a wealth of learning experience with her, in addition to a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education from Florida A&M University, and a Masters Degree in Elementary Education from Fayetteville State University. The biggest challenges, beside budget, facing NHC Public Schools, Saunders says, is raising all student achievement, reducing the dropout rate, and raising the graduation rate across the board. Emma Saunders knows what NHC Public Schools need, and that’s why she deserves to be elected to the NHC Board of Education.



Last year, attorney Robin Wicks Robin son was appointed to serve as District Court Judge for New Hanover and Pender counties, and now she’s running to serve a full term. Judge Robinson has had 25 years of legal experience in family law, criminal law, juvenile law and civil law. There is no question that Judge Robinson has the experience, and since 2011, she has proven to have the judicial temperament.

Judge Robinson has impressed us with her integrity on the bench. We endorse her candidacy.



In case you didn’t know, the nonpartisan New Hanover Soil and Water Conservation District Board of Supervisors ensures that the quality of our water is maintained at the highest standard through strong conservation and storm water management efforts.

There are four candidates for seats on that board, but the best, in our opinion, is David Dowdy, a hard worker and grassroots community servant we can trust. Dowdy says protecting our water and environment will be his top priorities if elected.

So let’s do it. Let’s elect David Dowdy to the NHC Soil and Water Conservation Board.




It’s rare when there are two candidates in a race, and we have difficulties endorsing one of them.

Such is the case with the House District 18 race between the Democratic incumbent Suzi Hamilton, and her Republican challenger Louis Harmati.

Hamilton has already proven that she can’t be trusted. The stunt she pulled last year voting with the Republicans, and against Gov. Perdue, on the fracking bill, finally proved that you trust this woman at your own risk.

Endorsing her is like having blood on your hands.

Sorry, Suzi, but we kind of like having clean hands when we recommend public servants to our community.

As for her Republican opponent, Louis Harmati of Leland, we trust him even less than Suzi, if that’s possible. He says our greatest threat is socialism. That means if elected to join his Republican brethren in the NC General Assembly, he will vote to cut everything short of lunch money.

No thanks, Louis.

So thus, we endorse no one in this race. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t vote for someone, however. But if you do, you better hold them to the strictest standards.

Whomever you choose must fight for jobs, jobs and more jobs for our mostly Black state House District 18. Suzi Hamilton likes to tout her connections with the movie industry, and that getting more tax credits for the moviemakers translates into more jobs. Maybe, but not for us, and that’s been proven by research.

Whoever ultimately wins this contest should be willing to vote to compensate the sterilization victims of the state’s longtime eugenics program.

Whoever is elected must be for safe methods of increasing our energy supply via our own resources. We are energy dependent on the Middle East, and that has to stop. We must cultivate our own energy resources, but not at the risk of hurting our environment or not exploring alternative energy sources like solar and wind.

Whoever is elected from House District 18 must advocate for expanding and improving our port. Wilmington lost 3,000 potential jobs recently because our port did not have the capacity needed, forcing Caterpillar and a major tire plant not to locate in Brunswick County.

With our newspaper, it’s not about the color of your skin or your party affiliation, but whether you are ready, willing and able to fight to improve the quality of life for all of the people in District 18.

We urge our readers, and the voters of state House District 18 to do their homework on Rep. Hamilton and Mr. Harmati. Who is paying their bills and wanting them to vote a certain way? Have either of these unacceptable candidates proven that they will work hard for poor people in our district.

This is why we caution our readers about voting a straight Democratic ticket. Not all Democratic candidates are for us, so putting them in office is just as bad as putting someone who has no regard at all for our community. Black people are smarter than that if given the choice and the proper instruction on how to discern which candidates, regardless of party, might prove worthy of our support.

Take the time to study all of the candidates, as we have. Don’t vote the straight Democratic ticket, not with Rep. Suzi Hamilton on it for sure.





Barack Obama – president

Walter Dalton – governor

Linda Coleman – lt. governor

Cherie Berry - labor commissioner

               Roy Cooper – state attorney general

Beth Wood – state auditor

June Atkinson – state schools supt.

Janet Cowell – state treasurer

Wayne Goodwin – state insurance commissioner

Steve Troxler – state agriculture commissioner

Elaine Marshall – secretary of state

Wanda Bryant – NC Appellate court

Cressie Thigpen – NC Appellate Court

Linda McGee – NC Appellate Court

Sam J. Ervin IV – NC Supreme Court

Mike McIntyre – congressman Seventh District

Erik Anderson – congressman, third District

Deb Butler – NC Senate


Jonathan Barfield – NHC Board of Commissioners

Rob Zapple – NHC Board of Commissioners

Karen Clay Beatty – NHC Board of Education

Elizabeth Redenbaugh – NHC Board of Education

Emma Sanders – NHC Board of Education

Robin Wicks Robinson – NC District Court Judge District 5

David Dowdy – Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor



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