Bree-Newsome- For a short while last Saturday, the South Carolina Confederate battle flag in front of the South Carolina Statehouse was taken down, and North Carolina activist Bree Newsome was the one who admittedly did it. The Raleigh native says after the Charleston Church Massacre, where the alleged white supremacist killer was seen waving the flag in pictures on his website, she felt she had to take down the symbol of slavery and injustice. Newsome, 30, a filmmaker and daughter of former Shaw University President Clarence Newsome and niece of Mr. and Mrs. Carter Newsome of Wilmington, climbed up the 30-foot flagpole while police ordered her to stop. She came down with the flag and was promptly arrested and taken to jail, where she bailed out. Her action was cheered around the world. Newsome faces time in prison if convicted. Her first court date is later this month.

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