Future History Makers – Josiah Brown

FHM3Future History Makers can come in any size and age, Josiah Brown does just that! At the age of four Josiah Brown is a pint size basketball phenom in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Josiah Brown, son of Demetrius and Joy Brown, has had a love for the game of basketball since infancy. He was drawn to a kids’ basketball goal as a toddler and hasn’t let up yet. His parents are heavy into the basketball circuit, therefore it’s only fitting that their child would follow their basketball footsteps.

His basketball skills were developed as he learned to walk and his gift for the sport was evident. With a high rate of accuracy his parents knew they had something special on their hands and all they had to do was nurture his talent. By the age of two he was defeating older kids in the game of HORSE and later was recognized by WECT News in Wilmington, NC. His national notoriety came at the age of 4 while participating in a Muggsy Bogues Fundamentals Basketball Camp in Charlotte, NC. Josiah captured the attention of Muggsy Bogues with his focus, seriousness, and his attitude toward working to get better. Josiah also won 2 competitions (competing against 6-9 year olds) and was awarded “The Muggsy Bogues Special Recognition Award”.

It was this event which led to WWAY picking up the story and doing a special feature on Josiah. After that story aired other news outlets have reached out to him. The next morning Good Morning America called, Yahoo News called and a variety of other news and media outlets called for information on Josiah including Ellen Degeneres, in an attempt of Josiah being on her show. Duke University follows him on twitter and his Youtube video receives thousands of hits by the minute (currently at 82,000).

Josiah is in the Sean John “Dream Big” campaign and Nerlens Noel of the Philadelphia 76ers visited him at school to present him with an autographed ball. This little basketball phenom is dominating every league he enters. This is just the beginning of what promises to be a “Future History Maker” Wilmington can be proud of.

Public Input: Do you know someone who has done something remarkable in the Wilmington community? Their story should be told. Nominate a ‘Future History Maker’ by sharing their story- tiba1009@earthlink.net. Future History Makers should be 21 years old and under, has demonstrated success as a leader in school, church or community, exhibits qualities of good citizenship and character, active in the community by providing service and is a leader. Final selection of all Future History Maker stories will be determined by the Commission of African American History.

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