james-millsJames E. Mills (D-Halifax) has filed a complaint against the incumbent Senator Angela Bryant (D-Rocky Mount) in the District 4 State Senate Primary Election. Mr. Mills is not only complaining that Ms. Bryant failed to meet the NC Election Board requirement to have a legend (Paid for by the Committee to Elect Angela Bryant), but also that the Senator misrepresented the authorization to mark candidate choices on the Flier/Ballot her campaign produced, as well as indicated endorsements with names of prominent Unions, Professional Association, non-partisan committee organization, Associations and political action committees.

The Mills complaint alleges Senator Bryant knowingly and intentionally ignored the statute mandatory requirements and she set out to plan strategy to confuse, discourage, influence and target the African American Voters in Halifax, Nash Wilson, Vance, and Warren counties.

The Carolinian/Wilmington Journal earlier reported that Senator Bryant signed a “Statement of Understanding” saying that she understood the relevant laws about election materials, as well as she took out an advertisement in a Wilson Co. newspaper saying that the fliers were distributed by the committee in error, and that the issue had been corrected. Those actions by the Senator were considered a resolution of the matter by the N.C. State Board of Elections. However, the Mills complaint states that the SBOE “Thereafter, without exercising due diligence suggested that resolution without fully assessing the extent to what was the actual effect or prospected damages to the targeted African American community voters caused by the Flier/Ballots distributed throughout the 4th Senatorial District.

Unselected Flier/Ballot candidates included Marcus Williams, Chris Rey, Ken Spaulding, Holly Jones, Robert Earl Wilson, Franklin Williams, Ron Elmer, and Bernie Sanders. The question lingers as to whether the Flier/Ballot infringed upon the campaigning efforts of each named unselected candidates.

The Mills complaint, reportedly filed Friday, March 25th, further asks that the District 4 N.C. Senate election results not be certified until there is a fair, unbiased final decision has been rendered. The complaint also asks “Senator Bryant should be declared void, be disqualified and ineligible to qualify for the Senate office by her own deliberate deceptive and illegal action and conduct.”

Mr. Mills acknowledged that mistakes can be made in a campaign, but “to me this is unfair. He went on to say, “I thank the African American Caucus of the N.C. Democratic Party for speaking out on this issue.








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