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August 3, 2017 Mary Thatch 0

I wonder about our “women’s coalitions” when majority women’s organizations, like the National Organization for Women, are silent for Black Women’s Equal Pay Day. Does it matter to them? Maybe not. It matters when they want to present a multiracial, multicultural “united front” at a Women’s March, but less so at other times. […]

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An open letter to the United States Senate from Marian Wright Edelman

July 18, 2017 Mary Thatch 0

The sorrow and outrage and sense of injustice I felt as a child at senseless deaths and injuries shaped my life’s work. I cannot stand seeing any child mistreated, placed at risk or excluded from essential services because of the color of their skin or the poverty of their parents or grandparents they did not choose. God did not make two classes of children … […]

Trump’s war on children

May 31, 2017 Mary Thatch 0

The cruel Trump budget invests more in our military — already the most costly in the world — but denies vulnerable children and youths the income, health care, food, housing and education supports they need to become strong future soldiers to defend our country. […]

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