Bobby Shmurda & GS9 Crips Arrested In New York City

bobbyBobby Shmurda is currently in police custody after being arrested Tuesday night, December 16.

TMZ reports that the Brooklyn, New York rapper who shot to fame with the hit record“Hot N****” was under surveillance by NYPD and arrested while sitting in a car outside of a New York recording studio.

According to the report, Bobby’s arrest was the culmination of long term investigation conducted by the New York Police Department and a special narcotics prosecutor.

No specific charges have been released yet, but it is known the crimes include drugs and multiple shootings.

The rapper is set to appear in court to be arraigned on Thursday, December 18.

**UPDATE** December 18


Details about Bobby Shmurda’s arrest are beginning to trickle out. The 20-year old, real name Ackquille Pollard, was arrested Wednesday, along with 12 other members of his GS9 crew, including Rowdy Rebel, real name Chad Marshall, and his brother, Javase Pollard.

The 100-count indictment includes gang activity, multiple shootings and drug trafficking. 

Police found 20 handguns inside Quad City Studios where Bobby was picked up, according to 7 Online.

The rapper’s lawyer says the charges are false.

“There is nowhere in the western world where he can go without being recognized,” defense attorney Howard Greenburg said. “And you’re telling me he has to take time out of his busy life as an entertainer and do what is alleged in this indictment? It’s a bunch of BS, and you can quote me.”

**UPDATE No. 2** December 18

Bobby Shmurda has been charged with conspiracy to commit murder, as well as gun and drug charges. The 15 other defendants were hit with murder, attempted murder, assault and drug dealing charges.

Prosecutors allege that Bobby is the ring leader of the G Stone Crips (GS9). They are accused of murdering a 19-year old rival gang member on February 8, 2013 and 24 other shootings since 2013.


The violence stems primarily from wars the G Stone Crips were having with other gangs, including Folk Nation and Brooklyn’s Most Wanted (BMW), according to NBC New York.

The Brooklyn-based gang used code words to speak about various crimes. Firearms were “tone” and “socks.” “Crills” referred to narcotics, and “suntan” or “scoom” referred to shootings.

The rapper earned the nickname “Two Socks Bobby.” He’s alleged to have fired gunshots into a crowd of people on June 2. Prior to a July 2014 performance at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, Bobby and an accomplice reportedly opened fire on a rival gang member

When Bobby was arrested Wednesday, police say they found 2 guns and a small amount of crack in the vehicle he was in. His bail has been set at $2 million.

James Essig, head of the NYPD task force said that the songs a videos made by Bobby and Rowdy Rebel were “almost like a real-life document of what they were doing on the street,”

Howard Greenburg, Bobby’s attorney, says his client was framed and should be freed without bail. Greenburg argued that the rapper was far too busy traveling and performing to have taken part in the crimes he’s accused of.

“I’m not gonna let the government crucify my guys. Despite the fact the government hates raps and rappers. And they hate [the] lyrics,” Greenburg told PIX 11

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