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Waving a gold sword – a symbol of Ghana’s presidency – the new president came out swinging against years of debilitating corruption. “We must restore integrity in public life,” President Nana Akufo-Addo thundered at his swearing in ceremony last January. “State coffers are not spoils for the party that wins an election, but resources for the country’s social and economic development.” Nine months later, the ...

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Africa’S Floods Largely Unnoticed Despite Higher Death Toll

“Floods in Africa in August killed 25 times more people than Hurricane Harvey did.” That was the headline of a recent story in Quartz online by Lagos-based writer Yomi Kazeem. “Like severe floods in southern Asia, the disasters in Africa have been largely under-reported compared to similar events in Houston where Hurricane Harvey, a once in a “500-year storm” has wreaked havoc,” wrote Kazeem. Across Texas, ...

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Tanzania Greenlights Hydroelectric Plant In World Heritage Game Reserve

To the dismay of environmentalists, President John Magufuli has called for bids on a 2,100-megawatt hydroelectric plant to be built in a World Heritage site renowned for its animal populations. The project in the UNESCO-designated Selous Game Reserve would more than double the country’s power generation capacity, ending chronic electricity shortages. The Energy and Minerals Ministry said it expected constru ...

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Kenyans Set For Rematch On Flawed Polls

To the surprise of many, Kenya’s supreme court overturned the country’s Aug. 8 presidential election, setting the stage for a rarely-seen voting rematch in Africa or anyplace. In its ruling, the court concluded the election “was not conducted in accordance with the constitution,” rendering the declared results “invalid, null and void.” Within the next 60 days, incumbent president Uhuru Kenyatta will face hi ...

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Angolan Ruling Party Declares Victory But Opposition PPOSITION FAILS TO AGREE

The party that ruled Angola for nearly four decades, amassing a vast fortune from the production of oil while its 29 million citizens were consigned to poverty, declared victory in last week’s national elections – but victory was not sweet. The nation’s two largest opposition parties rejected provisional results in which the incumbent Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) received a majority ...

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Will Africa’s Richest Man ‘Make America Great Again’?

Alhaji Aliko Dangote, the 60 year old Nigerian cement tycoon, has his eye on new investment prospects and is tempted by U.S. opportunities in renewable energy and petrochemicals. “Let’s say that by 2025, I’m looking at (investing) between $20 billion and $50 billion outside Africa. Mind you, we don’t do small things,” said Dangote, who is worth $11.1 billion, according to Bloomberg’s Billionaires Index. Dan ...

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Kenya, Going Green, Slams The Door On Plastic Bags

If it’s a choice between suffocating seabirds, strangling turtles or the convenience of a plastic bag, Kenya is taking the side of marine animals. Starting this week, citizens producing, selling or even using plastic bags will risk imprisonment of up to four years or fines of $40,000. It’s the world’s toughest law attacking plastic pollution which threatens land and sea. Throughout Kenya, plastic bags are f ...

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Nigerian Leader, Ending 3 Month Hospital Stay, Returns With Fiery Speech

After a long absence due to ill health, President Muhammadu Buhari returned to Nigeria pledging to renew the fight against terror group Boko Haram and end a rash of ethnic violence which he blamed on “political mischief makers.” Buhari, 74, looking thin and frail, referred to a movement of Biafrans seeking an independent region in the southwest. The group had crossed a “national red line,” he said. The sepa ...

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Leaders Come Under Fire As Death Toll From Mudslide Tops 600

Sierra Leone’s catastrophic mudslide that buried over 600 mostly poor people was not just an act of God. Local reporters on the ground have begun to ask why there was no safe housing for thousands of low-income Freetown residents, many of whom cobbled together their own homes with little oversight, few permits, no central planning and in a zone foreseen to flood. “Why after ten years in power and several pr ...

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Where wasn’t it raining cats and dogs around Africa this summer?

In eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, dozens of villagers’ homes in Ituri province were submerged last week in a landslide which struck the village of Toro, causing the deaths of more than 40 people. It followed heavy rains in the fishing community located along Lake Albert. "There are many people submerged whom we were unable to save," Pacifique Keta, the vice governor of Ituri province, where Tora lies ...

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