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Our Voice, Guest Editorial by Marian Wright Edelman, Families struggle: Child poverty remains epidemically high

October 3, 2012 The Wilmington Journal 0

The U.S. Census Bureau’s new poverty data for the states show millions of families struggling mightily to keep their heads above water in the wake of the Great Recession. Fourteen states saw statistically significant increases in their child poverty rates, 26 states saw small increases, and nine states and the District of Columbia saw small declines in child poverty rates last year. […]

Stop economic segregation by Dr. Benjamin Chavis, Jr.

September 25, 2012 The Wilmington Journal 0

One of the most insidious forms of racial discrimination and injustice is the growing manifestation known as racially motivated “economic segregation.” Across the United States during the eight years of the Bush administration between 2001 and 2008, banking and mortgage companies were systematically deregulated. […]

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